A Pack of Supreme x Oreos Is Now Reselling for Over $15K USD

With five days left to bid.

Shortly after its unveil and getting a look at the packaging, Supreme‘s upcoming collaboration with Nabisco Oreo has got the whole world buzzing. With so much hype building around the team up, a pack of Supreme x Oreos is now reselling for over $15,000 USD.

Set to release in packs of three, the cookies are dyed to match Supreme’s iconic red color and marked with Box Logo branding sandwich regular double stuf filling. The rectangular packaging is inspired by the red and contrasting white Futura font branding coming complete with the classic Oreo logo.

When the listing first went live earlier this week, the price was understandably set at $200 as the item hasn’t actually been released. But in just a few days bidding on the pack has now skyrocketed to nearly 1,875  times the rumored price of $8 USD.

Head over to eBay to check out the listing or even place a bid to get your hands on a pack of Supreme x Oreos ahead of the official release.


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twildislacith September 15, 2020

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