Raf Simons & Kvadrat Present "No Man's Land" Installation at Milan Design Week

Raf Simons and Kvadrat will launch their sixth collection at Milan Design Week‘s Salone del Mobile alongside a major installation titled “No Man’s Land.” Greeting visitors with a Mark Colle-curated flower garden, the installation features a series of prefab buildings designed by Jean Prouvé, used to house the Raf Simons work-in-progress themed collection.

Experimenting with “Atom”, a speckled bouclé yarn, the matte “Novus 1” and the shimmering, melange “Novus 2” jacquard-woven bouclé knits, as well as a corduroy-inspired “Phlox” fabric, Raf Simons has delivered a collection inspired by nature and the city, a reference carried throughout the installation. Speaking on the collection, Raf Simons says:

 ”I am quite obsessed with all the qualities that have an origin in fashion like bouclé, tweed and corduroy. Because of the density that is needed for furniture in order to make it survive in the long run, it becomes even more interesting.”

Despite its stark surroundings, the installation encourages visitors to experiment with the fabrics in the workshop, seating area and mid-century house. “No Man’s Land” will showcase at Garage 21 from April 8 – 14.


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