Take Your Apple iPhone Xs Or Xs Max Game To A New Level With Hadoro

Everyone’s talking about Apple‘s latest iPhone drop: the Xs and the Xs Max. But if you really want to take your iPhone game to the next level, look no further than Hadoro: the leader in the smartphone customization industry, creating the most impressive and luxe smartphone creations.

Marrying the worlds of detailed craftsmanship and technologically advanced innovations, the new collection is the most diverse phone collection to date. Hadoro’s skilled team of designers and engineers developed new materials and crafted new designs at their atelier for the special collection, which uses new types of carbon fiber. As a result, the composite material’s structure is more prominent with layered carbon fiber, gold leaves and colored metals.

The signature H logo is made from gold and steel, either perforated or placed in sapphire glass. The perforated logos tout a unique, color-changing feature, gradually shifting from green, to red, to blue, and using only 2-3% of the entire battery capacity to do so. Upgraded jewelry detailing, via accents, gorgeous diamond inlays or gilded phone frames, are also particularly eye-catching.

Consisting of only 10 custom pieces, the collection has four subcategories based on the materials they are made from. The first is the Carbon Selection with layered and 3D structured carbon fiber, with the following choices:

Gangsta Bony
A beloved design, is upgraded with the addition of solid gold teeth. The 3D carved skeleton has glowing eye-sockets with alternating colors.

Emperor Dragon
The symbol known as the keeper of treasures and wealth, has a highly detailed 3D print complemented with red glowing eyes and gold claws.

The second is The Signature Alligator Series. The alligator leather is one of the most high-end leathers available and a quintessential material for Hadoro. This series has back panels that are hand-bound in the leather. The signature H logo comes in a choice between stainless steel, rose gold, yellow gold, or the ultra high-end option of having the logo inlaid with diamonds.

The third is the Sapphire Glass Designs with three choices: Moiré White, Moiré Gold or Touch of Genius. For the former two, the sapphire glass uses a silkscreen printing stamp and then placed on the carbon fiber, to give the phone a 3D shimmering effect. Moiré White features the signature H logo in alternating colors, while Moiré Gold is framed in light grab carbon fiber layered with golden leaves. Touch of Genius features world-renowned genius Albert Einstein’s fingerprint, both for the enhanced sapphire glass print and for the glowing logo. The owner may also further customize the design with his or her own fingerprint for the ultimate personalization.

The last subcategory is the Wood Creations, available in either Cobalt Wood or Emerald Wood. Combining natural and artificial materials, the relic wood used for these creations are dyed and treated without varnish, leaving the wood in its natural state. Bold cobalt and emerald colors enhance the wood’s natural patterns, while the carbon frames and H logos—stainless steel for the cobalt option and gold for the emerald option—complement the aesthetic as a whole.

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