PSL 4-Ply Protective Mask - Monochrome Series - Black (Pack of 10)

82.61 SR


10 Individually Packaged Masks

"Monochrome Series" 4-Ply disposable face mask. Highest quality civilian-use mask on the global market. Produced for civilian-use while following ASTM Level 2 (type IIR equivalent) standards.


* Exclusive "Monochrome Black" color DTM fabric, binding, and ear loops

* Inset adjustable metal nose bridge 

* Each mask is individually sealed and packaged 

* "Private Stock Labs" stamped branding on each mask

* FDA & CE Registration for manufacturing and exporting

* Nelson Labs Test results exceed highest global standards

4 Layers of Protection

* Exclusively developed "Monochrome Black" polypropylene outer shell

* Liquid resistant SMS fabric

* BFE99 Melt blown cotton filter  

* Extra soft, hypoallergenic non-woven cellulose inner lining

Production Standard / Specifications

* Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >= 98% at 3 microns

* Particulate Filtration Efficiency >= 98% at 0.1 micron

* Differential Pressure < 5.0 mm H20/cm2

* 120mmHg Fluid Resistance 

* Flame Spread Class 1

* For One Time Use Only

* Latex Free

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