Boardies Lois ohara wave Mid length swim short

275 SR

We've collaborated with Brighton based artist Lois O'Hara to create a pair of swim shorts that will take you from being a benchwarmer to a team player. Shoot hoops this Summer and slam dunk in the pool with our mid length Wave shorts made from 100% polyester to give you the full swish movement that we know you need.

Lois O’Hara is an artist and designer from the UK coastal town of Brighton. Known for her vibrant murals, printmaking and paintings. Boardies® first became aware of Lois’ work after she painted the UK’s first giant Basketball Art Court followed by her vivid planters close to our East London home in Shoreditch. There is a consistent thread running through her work. “I’m interested in capturing the fluidity of an image in motion,” says Lois, and it’s this sense of fluidity, combined with her bold colour combinations that makes her work so recognisable and a perfect match in working with Boardies®.

Style number: BSLOH1M

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