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DOMREBEL's 25 crystals collection of handcrafted designs with contemporary prints are an effortless way to update the off-duty wardrobe.

Style No:CALVIN 

Color : BLACK



Cotton 100%

Designer Backstory

Founded in 2003 in Montréal by two university students, Justin Svatina and Don Nguyen, with $350 between them. With no prior knowledge of the fashion or clothing industry, their story is an example of how everyone, in one way or another, starts as an outsider and underdog.

Today, the brand is sold at almost 500 luxury retail locations in 35 countries. The brand is still self-financed and owned by its original two founders. And after 15 years of making t-shirts, the brand embarks on an exciting new chapter in art, media, entertainment and fashion, hoping to have a positive impact by bringing excitement and energy into people's daily lives.

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