Complete Sneaker Care Kit

351 SR


Item number : M513

We teamed up with scientists and trainer aficionados to develop cutting edge formulas specifically for this kit. If you care about your style and take pride in your footwear, this is the ultimate kit for you. The cleaning fluid blasts dirt and grime from your kicks, without fading or damaging the material.The state-of-the-art repellent fluid uses nanotechnology to bounce dirt and water from your shoes, without leaving any residue. The odour remover clears the whiff from your sneakers, no matter how sweaty your feet got in the heat.


  • Sneaker Cleaning Fluid (100ml). Loosens mud and other contaminants from the material of the shoes. Makes cleaning easier and even more effective.
  • Sneaker Stain Repel & Protect (100ml). Water and muddy puddles bounce off the sneakers rather than settling on their surface. The ultimate protection from urban grime.
  • Sneaker Odour Remover (100ml). There's no shame in it. Feet get hot. This sneaker odour remover takes the awkward out of sliding off your kicks.
  • Sneaker Cleaning Wipes. 15. Pocket-sized to clean on the go. Never let a badly placed step ruin your style again.
  • Sneaker Cleaning Brush. A specialist cleaning brush that the pros use. With a different surface for each part of the shoe, from tread to tongue.
  • White Sneaker Laces. The quickest way to refresh the look of any pair of sneaks.

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