26,100 SR


Create a sensational impact with your smartphone in the custom Emperor Dragon design.

Featuring a 3D pattern of a dragon on the back panel, this is pure artistry, as the dragon design incorporates high-quality detailing and finish. Furnished from specially-made carbon fiber known for being an extremely strong but also superbly lightweight material, the iPhone Dragon is perfect for design enthusiasts who want to make a strong statement. Along with the carbon fiber body, the dragon design also incorporates high quality detailing, like the dragon’s gold nails and its sapphire glowing eyes.

Color: BLACK

Back panel: carbon fiber composite material, 18 K gold, sapphire glass, G10 composite material.

Design: 3D dragon image.

Logo: glowing eyes made from scratch proof sapphire glass with low battery consumption (2-3 % of the battery capacity).

Housing and buttons: stainless steel, 24 K gold-plated.

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