25,200 SR


Crazy Bony is a custom iPhone with a strong design element.

This extremely tactile device in our line of custom phones features a 3D image of a skeleton on the back panel. Made of a single piece of carbon fiber – a material 5 times stronger than steel – the skeleton is guaranteed to to draw attention and deliver a unique experience to anyone who holds it. The skeleton has hypnotic luminous eye sockets made of sapphire glass. The glow color is different for each socket and changes between several hues. The Bony has a fine design feature, teeth made from solid gold, contributing to the dangerous gangsta look.

Back panel: carbon fiber composite material, sapphire glass, 18 K gold, G10 composite material.

Design: 3D skeleton image.

Logo: glowing eye-sockets made from scratch proof sapphire glass with low battery consumption (2-3 % of the battery capacity).

Housing and buttons: stainless steel. 

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