2,025 SR


This case is a luxurious statement of true artisan work. Made by France’s skilled craftsmen, the finish proves to be a testament to stunning design aesthetic and world-class attention to detail. Encased in premium-grade alligator leather, the sleek lines and top quality materials give a look of pure class. 
The case stands out as it features a finger strap on the cover. This feature adds extra security in handling the device. Not only that, the strap becomes an attractive design element in itself. 




The leather material we use is natural and is a product of an intricate tanning process. The very nature of our leather material means that no two pieces are exactly alike. The color, grain, and texture will always vary, and through time, you’ll find the leather getting more beautiful as it ages and goes through the usual wear and tear. 
This is also the reason why pictures of the product may differ from the actual product. Because no two leather pieces are alike, you may notice that the perceived texture and pattern on product pictures may appear different once you receive the actual product. 


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