Insurgents Club


260 SR

S: A = 22cm B = 70cm C = 53cm
M: A = 23cm B = 71cm C = 54cm
L: A = 24cm B = 72cm C = 56cm
XL: A = 26cm B = 75cm C = 59cm
XXL: PL = 27cm PB = 78cm LD = 63cm

A = Width
B = Length
C = Length L

Model Height: 178cm
Model Weight: 63kg
Model use size: L (OVERSIZE)
* Model use insurgent long cargo size 32

Heavyweight cotton

Since the materials are much thicker than other shirts, you will usually find that they last longer and continue to retain their color after a few washes.

Screen printing: plastisol

Screen printing cannot be ironed, if it is ironed, the screen printing will disappear faster.
It's rare to find screen printing that has used it in convection because its use is exclusive.

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